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Wes' preferred retirement activity:)

Sophie likes her rug:)

Tanning up that Wyoming pale skin:)

Billie is working on her tan too:)

Marlene doesn't tan well, but she always went to the beach with...

What a dream job - smoothing the beach sand - all day,...

Bird watcher??!!

Collecting Ghost Shrimp for bait - a new experience for Marlene:)

A cool windy day !

An oil platform moving out the ship channel to the Gulf

After many delays and frustrations and just plain exhaustion, we finally arrived in Aransas Pass, Texas November 21, the Sunday before Thanksgiving. It was a wonderful 2 1/2 day trip. Wes drove the pickup towing the fifth wheel and I drove my little jeep with Sophie as a passenger.

Things frequently happen for different reasons in our lives. It has happened enough that I have learned to just relax and enjoy the ride. We were ready to leave a few days earlier and woke up to a wet snowy day. At our daughter's farm, that means several miles of slick muddy roads. We took advantage of the delay and just slept and rested til the sun came out and made the roads passable.

We were able to take our time traveling. Since our goal was to "just get there", we took I-35 from Wichita all the way to Waco, TX. We spent the first night at the new WindStar Casino right on the OK/TX border. They had a brand new RV park and we were able to find a long pull through and didn't even have to unhook. We just plugged in to the electric and spent a wonderful evening and had a good nights sleep. On Saturday, we traveled on on I-35, but it became a rougher, narrower road, and the traffic volume just kept increasing. We exited at Waco and took Highway 70 south to Victoria. It was a wonderful drive and we saw many little RV parks along the way that were not advertised in any of our guides. Glad we made note of them, because we will try to stop there in the future.

We arrived at the RV Park on the north side of Victoria about sunset. Again, we were able to just pull through and not unhook. We went out for some dinner and had another wonderful nights rest. Sunday morning, we slept in a little and then drove the last 100 miles into Aransas Pass. We were so happy and relieved to finally be there:)

Billie and Jeannette and some of their friends were having a mini class reunion. They sure were having a good time. It worked out perfect because we used those few days before and after Thanksgiving just resting up and unpacking and getting set up. Just one problem - no electricity. Our good friend and neighbor Russ ran an extension cord from his box to our RV and we were set until the electric people could get out to us in a few days.

One of the very first things we did was get an order of fresh shrimp right off the boat. Russ has a friend who was able to fill orders for anyone in the park who wanted them. We got 5 pounds. Ooooooh, they were so good:)

By Thursday, everyone was ready for the Thanksgiving pot luck and it was worth the wait. We had a great group and put away a lot of food. There were still enough left overs to have another impromptu pot luck on Friday evening:)

I must tell you all how proud I am of Sophie. I really worried about taking the "country" dog to the city, whether she would adjust or not, whether she would bark and annoy other people. She is a wonderful traveler and seems to be happy wherever we are, as long as she can tag along with us. She even does well when we need to leave her at home. We have not regretted bringing her at all.

We are settled in here in south TX and will be enjoying the warm weather and fishing until about the end of February.

I will be trying to catch up on this blog, so check back frequently for updates:)

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