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Hmmm, looks like you have to have a white rig and white...

The boring desert near Del Rio

Our site in Balmorhea, Texas

Speed limit is 80 MPH and people were still being pulled over...

We saw thousands of wind turbins in New Mexico

Lake Amistad...a fisherman's dream. At least for my fisherman! We arrived on Friday about 1:00 or so. Got all set up. A picture perfect day. I thought that Rick would want to put the boat in right away but it was too sunny, he said that it wasn't good for fishing. He said that he would go out on Saturday morning. During the night it started to blow and I mean BLOW! I was wondering if we should head for a sturdy structure. It was still blowing in the morning so fishing was out of the question. The forecast was not encouraging, high winds for the next four days. Since we wanted to be in Phoenix by the 8th we decided that it was time to put the boat into storage until next winter.

While we were working on that Rick developed a horrible bloody nose. We took the boat back to the park, parked it by the RV and went inside so that Rick could deal with his nose. Over the years he has had several bloody noses and has always been able to get them to stop fairly quickly. But it just kept on and on! I kept asking him if I should call the EMT's and he said no. I asked if I should take him to the ER and he said no. But after 5 hours and it didn't stop he said that it was time to go to the ER so off we went.

The ER doc put a device in each nostril that looked like a long cotton roll (about 5 inches long) and then pumped them up with air using a hypodermic without the needle. That completely closed off each nostril. Then the real fun began. I went down the hall to use the facility and when I came back in a few minutes he was sitting with his head down, pale as a ghost and his blood pressure had dropped about 30 points. So the doc prescribed a medication to raise the blood pressure along with a saline drip. And it goes up about 60 points. Since there wasn't any way the doc would release him until it regulated we were there until about 3:00am. Finally got the pressure stabilized and went home.

What a mess we came home to. The fresh water into the commode had not stopped after the last flush so it ran for 5 hours! Since Rick was in no shape to deal with it, I got the shop vac out and started to suck up as much of the water as I could. Then put down all the bath towels we had and went to bed.

On Sunday Rick just lazed about feeling lousy and took a nap. On Monday we went in search of the Ear, Nose and Throat doc that the ER said was in town. NOT. Only on Thursday. So back to the ER and the same doc took the plugs out. He said that Rick could travel the next day. So back to the RV and Rick took another nap. Now, Rick rarely naps. Only when he is feeling really sick. So 2 naps in 2 days means he was feeling really, really bad. After his nap he felt well enough to take the boat to the storage facility and then run a couple of errands.

Remember the wind? Well it blew on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Guess what it did on Tuesday? Perfect day, just a gently breeze. Good day for fishing but we were hooking up to head to Phoenix. Which was fine with me. I had had my fill with Del Rio. Wind, boring desert landscape and a huge bloody nose. Forget about it!

We have spent 2 nights on the road. The first night we were in Balmorhea, Texas. Nothing much in the way of a park but it was only $10.00 for full hook ups using our Passport discount. Tonight we are in Deming, New Mexico at Escapees Dreamcatcher's RV Park. Both parks are basically gravel parking lots with full hook ups. I guess that is to be expected in desert areas. Green grass and flower beds use too much water. I know that many people like desert areas but so far I'm not getting it. Maybe it will grow on me when we are in Phoenix.

Next post will be after our week with our granddaughter, Elly and our son Jeff. Can't wait!

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