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Giant dragon at a chinese pagoda.

Dalat countryside.

Jayna with her "easyrider".

Peter with his "easyrider".

View of Dalat.

Dalat was cool - both literally and figuratively.

After a very hairy bus trip up the mountains we were relieved to find that the air was nice and crisp. Infact all the locals were rugged up in winter jackets and beanies! It wasn't that cold but we were able to puit on a jumper.

The highlight of Dalat was the day trip with the Easy Riders. Old Vietnam vets that take tourists around on their big bikes to visit the local attractions and take in the beautiful scenery.

I won't list what we saw but Dalat is the vegetable and flower capital of Vietnam so we saw alot of this stuff. Ok here it is anyway: along with the usual temples there were blacksmiths, silk worm farms, silk factories, mushroom farms, coffee farms, tea farms, rice wine breweries, soy factory, flower farms, strawberry and vegetable farms, Pine forest, blacksmith workshop, water falls etc. Most of these palaces (factories and farms) are run by families so they are very different to what you might expect. Just imagine you stepped back in time about a 150 yrs!

Dalat is also regarded as the honeymoon capital of Vietnam. So we enjoyed peddling a Swan boat on the man made lake and then riding a tandom bike to the flower gardens and walking through them.

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