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We are having to learn a new language – KIWI! They don’t half speak funny over here & we are having to interpret what they are saying. The main difference between Kiwi & English is their use of the vowels, especially “e”. They pronounce an “e” & sometimes “a” as “i”. For instance we went to a supermarket yesterday to stock up our campervan with food & drink. Viv was trying to find the breakfast cereals & asked a young employee where she could find them. The answer came back “Oil Tin”. “Pardon”, says Viv. “Oil Tin madam”, he says again. “Sorry? I don’t understand” So the young man takes this bemused old dear by the hand & leads her across the store to …? That’s right it was Aisle Ten.

Timaru was a nice town & we spent some time this morning down at the beach area where they have a lovely rose garden, an aviary, skateboard park & playgrounds. Viv liked the roses & I had fun on the playgrounds as there were no kids around. The Hamster Wheel device threw me though, literally.

We moved on down the coast & found a seal colony basking on the rocks at a place called Shag Point, not sure how the Kiwis pronounce that one. The seals didn’t mind us taking their photos & we were able to get really close to a group basking on a slipway.

We pushed on down the coast to Dunedin where we went miles & miles to find an Albatross sanctuary at Otago Peninsula. We saw the birds but didn’t get any good photos unfortunately.

We spent the night at Dunedin Beach Holiday Camp Site where we got our first meal of Fish & Chips, or as the locals called them “Fesh & Cheps”. The good thing is they are nice & cheap & turned out to be the only things that were cheap in New Zealand.

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