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Doug went in for his regular treatment today. In the last couple of weeks he has had some pain in his tailbone, been very short of breath, weak, and problems going to sleep. The first three of those symptoms could either be cancer or the chemo and if it is the chemo the symptoms ought to improve quickly. His PSA rose again, not much, but is in an upward trend for the last three months. Today he saw a nurse practioner who we both liked very much. She decided to wait ten days before resuming chemo. There are three of four still out there that he hasn't tried. She also took him off the sleeping medication the other dr. had him on.

When we go back in ten days we will see if my symptoms have increased decreased or stayed the same. If it is the chemo the symptoms ought to improve quickly. Then we will make a decision as to what chemo to use.

After the appointment, we celebrated by having lunner at Miss Saigon's. It was superb as usual.

We will stay here in Tucson until we can find an excuse to leave or it gets too hot. Then depending on how Doug is, will make a decision as to where to summer.

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