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Beth comes for dinner & happy birthday to Chris!

Gourd Guru!

Tall sailing ship-a work in progress!

We are right at home here!

Grilled salmon dinner!

Reflections of a shiny MH!


Beth rotates the wheels of Chris' Corvette!

Friends and freebies are good things and our week spent in Yuma had both in the form of Beth. The Panys rent a home here for the winter months and have a great RV lot available to visiting friends. The neighbors are a bunch of very friendly snowbird types from many cold northern locations. MN, WA & the western Provinces make up much of the winter population of Yuma.

Our week was filled with cleaning and polishing the motorhome from stem to stern. The temps reached the 90s and our backs were achy from all the bending over and squatting to do the rims and basement compartments. The results are worth the effort as this old coach looks like new and still turns a few heads.

For fun and entertainment we looked forward to our daily visits with Beth. We shared great meals and celebrated Chris' 66th birthday in absentia...He is in London caring for his ailing mum and was greatly missed. We looked forward to the daily news of how things were going as much as he looked forward to his visits to the pub.

Beth is a gourd guru and teaches a class on Thursdays to a group of local ladies. She teased us with a glimpse of one of her projects, an intricate carving of a tall sailing ship, right down to the lines and rigging, a replica perhaps of the Star Flyer previously pictured. Yes, I think we may be the lucky recipients!

We did not sight-see, go to Algadones, MX, or really venture far from home. A trip to the market or into town is an extreme sporting event, dodging aging drivers of both cars and carts. Of course, we don't put ourselves in that category. Yuma has a lot to offer the winter visitor; prices are reasonable and the weather is warm/hot. And we have friends with freebies!

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