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First stop - Bonacca where we rafted up to Islander for a...

Don and Angie at the town dock

Mr Larry making travel arrangments for the next day

tied up at the Hotel Alexander where some of our friends stayed

Some local kids brought us bread, peanuts, pineapple cookies and other goodies...

We loaded DL up with passengers to head up to the Manati...

I think this is a record for the most people we've ever...



approaching El Bight

DL anchored in El Bight by the Manati

The Manati Bar and Restaurant where John and I love to go


AH now this is THE life

Muy bonita

There were 26 of us for dinner at the Manati and Klauss...

Linda on the left and her husband John on the right travelled...









Saturday afternoon Islander anchored beside us at El Bight


We went in to the Manati for dinner again


looking out from the Manati at sunset,there is

I was happy to see that Hansito hung the painting I made...

We had a great time playing pool






White ball in motion

Please don't let this weekend end!

I was pretty rusty but it was fun anyways

Time to head back to the Cay and pick up our passengers...



John and Mark enjoying the ride on the bow

Linda taking in the view from up in the flybridge with John...

When the Captain asked me what I wanted for my birthday I told him, “honey I don’t need a thing, this trip to Guanaja that we are planning is the best gift I could think of.”

Miss Angie had planned a boat trip to Guanaja, the next island east from here, about 50 miles away, and a very cool place. She had such a good response that the boat taking the tour was full and she wanted to know if we would like to ferry a few left over travellers up to the island. There were 30 people from the island going, many of whom are our friends already and well, you don’t need to twist my arm.

So we cast off from La Punta and picked up our guest at BJs in torrential rain, the first in weeks, but timed nicely for our departure. Our arrival in Guanaja four hours later was also in torrential rain, so heavy that we couldn’t see the reef markers and had to wait it out.

The skies cleared and we enjoyed ferrying a boat load of reveler from Bonacca over to the Manati in El Bight, where 26 of us were meeting for dinner.

Well John and I have a huge soft spot for the Manati and Annette and Kluas and Hansito and all our Guanaja friends so here are a few shots of our wonderful weekend away at the exotic and most unique island of Guanaja.

For more on this amazing place you can reverse back to about March 2009 when the Captain and a I first fell in love with the island of Guanaja.

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