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Not open untill 10am on Sunday (Domingo)

Local catch of the day, for the rest and whom wants to...

Driving to Colima , Ray points out volcano!

Colima , we are here!

Time to shop and tour.


Town square area

Rox goes for the shoes @@


Mural took 1 year to paint. Shows history of Mexico.



Town center.


Hmm buying some more stuff!

15 min out of Colima at the artist home.

Factory is part of artist home, being restored. Cane was cleaned!

Me & Ray the tour gide!

Only cement on the end of the wall, keep rebuilding , earthquakes.

Aguava plant, 8 to 12 years to make Tequilla, Spanish idea!

Yes, orange trees!

Wedding in the old church.

Volcano is not smoking at the moment, but it will.

In the pub! Free apps with your drinks. Music is 4 bucks...



Hi all. We are safe and sound. Turns out we were on Tsunami alert day before yesterday around 3.00pm. Nothing happened until about 4pm when a big swell came onto the beach at the Con ca De Mar beach bar. Some tables started to move and people were grabbing their drinks. All tables and food were pulled off the sand. The rest is about 8 feet above the beach, so pretty safe as they were just calling for a 6 foot swell. Melaque has tsunami alarm system and the water is monitored. Police were on the beach looking and keeping an eye on the tourist when the swells came in. Later that night in front of our hotel around 9.30pm the water came onto the second level of the beach. Now its about 12 feet to the first level so it came up pretty high. I figured the water came up about 8 feet plus 2 feet of tide and the waves came over the 12 foot level not the water. All is ok today and I saw my first tsunami waves. (NICE) Yesterday we did an all day tour (7 to 7) that took us inland 2.5 hours to the city of Colima. There we looked at some old building and toured some galleries. Then off to a very cool artist home (Hacienda) he did art in several medias and has his own local museum. Lots to see, great house. Then we drove up country to see a live volcano, took some pics from a distance. Then we drove to Comala for snacks and live Mariachi bands. Lots of fun.( Today is the local rodeo and fire works as well as rodeo will be all week. Brad

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