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Our last night at the "compound"






Our last day in the Bouse AZ desert was quite calm. It looks like all of us in the compound are heading out tomorrow.

Doug tried to start the truck this morning and it wouldn't start. Same old problem. Doug feels like he has been had by the shop he went to the other day. Rod came up and jumped it again. We hope it keeps turning over until at least Monday afternoon when we can search for different repair place in Tucson. While he was doing that, JoAnn took a long farewell walk in the desert.

JoAnn did some of her pre trip operations as did Doug. We hope to get off around mid morning on Sunday.

This evening we had our Fare Well dinner at Deb and Rod's. Tonight's repast was lasagna, salad, green beans, garlic bread, and stuffing as a special treat for Rod. We also had a key lime pie and brownies. We're going to miss the groceries that we get served around here,

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