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The vastness of Northern Arizona

Another Route 66 Vendor along I-40

Interesting formations along I-40/Rte 66

APS Cholla (Az Power Service) Plant, with it's supply of Coal

This Indian vendor claims to have the longest map of Route 66...

Humphreys Peak 12,633 ' and Flagstaff ahead

Cloud topped Humphreys Peak

Cooler temps and higher altitude pine trees

Pine tree lined Interstate 17 southbound toward Phoenix

Watch out for the Elks in Arizona

Coconino National Forest

Passing by Sedona on I-17

Quite a vista

Winding through the mountains south of Sedona

Beginnings of the Saguaro forests

Saguaro Forest

Closer look at them, like soldiers standing tall

Small Palo Verde trees

Interesting shapes of the Western Arizona mountains

Our campsite in Ehrenberg, AZ along the Colorado River

Colorado River, the border of AZ & CA

Colorado River at dusk, it's finally cooling down

I posted two spots on the map to show our path from on I-40 in Holbrook, AZ west to Flagstaff then south through Phoenix on I-17 to pick up Interstate 10 westbound to California.

It was cool for a couple hours in the morning and even drizzly through Flagstaff. After Flagstaff southbound on I-17 it got really HOT and windy like a Blast Furnace. We were miserable as we blew through Phoenix in triple digits temps with our truck A/C not working. We stopped to cool off, fuel up and have lunch in Buckeye, AZ. On arrival in Ehrenberg, AZ on the Colorado River it was 108ยบ.

Thank goodness for RV parks with 50 amp, we set up and switched on the A/C in the trailer to get some relief from the hot drive. The temps were cooling a little by dusk so we strolled along the Colorado River and chatted with neighbors.

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