Rox & Brad In The Melaque Sun! travel blog

This is a very cool wine bottle holder!

Beach margs at Concha Del Mar

Rox was not impressed with this rotten steel bridge!

The new rides!

The lagoon at the end of town, yes Large Crocks are here!

Off the beaten path... dusty lol

Sunset and soccer every night!

Yes its true. After walking around for the last 2 weeks we now have a set of bikes to ride. Our old buddies from Maude Bay have a place down here and have a couple extra bikes and offered them to us! Nice, it feels like we have a car. We just glide around all over the town. The festival is in full swing now so every night at 3.30 and 4.30 large explosions happen in the sky. The sound is very loud and the vibration sets off many car alarms. LOL This is Mexican fun I guess. Rox wakes up and is no so impressed but I wear my ear plugs and just get right back to snoozing. Met a fellow yesterday that brings piles of condoms for the locals. He pointed our that a condom cost about 1.25 U.S. and the locals make about 8 bucks U.S. per day. So the use is not common and the spread of disease and the teen pregnancy is not good here. Add the Catholic upbringing and that's why Mom is home with 5 kids mopping the dirt floor at 25 and Dad is out on the town looking for more action. I said its a small town dose Mom not know he is out and about, the answer is just along as he don´t embarrass her! What. Don´t get it. LOL

Some friends of ours are going on a trip to Colima tomorow with Ray´s tour. So I guess we will tag along for fun.

Bit hazy today but warm. Sometimes it starts off this way in the am. Brad.

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