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Late this morning, we drove into Bouse to fill up a tank of propane. While we were in there, we stopped at one of the two local cafes that we could see and had a fried chicken plate for lunner.

Then we crossed the railroad tracks and went to the Bouse Museum. It seems that there was a top secret army base located just outside of town during WWII. It was called the Patton Testing Range although apparently Patton just lent his name to the place. They were testing a British tank that featured brilliant white spotlights. The idea was that the tanks would advance in a staggered row with the lights blinding the enemy. The infantry would then advance in the dark space between the tanks. The museum is housed in a very small building and is tended by volunteer RVers.

JoAnn picked up a news sheet while in the library and discovered there is a lot going on at the Bouse Boosters building. They have line dancing and all sorts of things for the winter visitor to do.

This afternoon was nappy time and we wondered down to Rod and Deb's rig for happy hour.

Jim drove into Parker today and Doug had him fetch a quart of oil. After happy hour this evening, we changed the oil on the generators. JoAnn helped by holding the catch basin. We only have tonight, Thursday and Friday nights left for boondocking and Doug wants to have all the gasoline used up and fresh oil in the engine for storage.


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