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Pier at northern edge of St. Andrews St. Park.

Pier #2.

View towards Panama City Beach from pier.

View south from pier. This entire beach is part of St. Andrews...

Sorry, more waves.

I guess I just liked the color of the water.

Yep, that's another wave.

And another.

Okay. One more.

Just liked this photo with the ocean, beach and clouds.

More of the same.

Pretty much a repeat of yesterday, other than the drive.

Spent a lot of the afternoon at the beach today, and tried not to get fried. Got my shorts wet a couple times from the waves, but the water is much warmer than the Pacific, so wasn’t too much of a shock.

Today, I walked out on the fishing pier to take a few shots up and down the coast. I have to presume that all of the larger condos/motels up the coast are along the Panama City Beach. Otherwise, the pier from which the pictures were taken is pretty close to the westerly boundary of the park, with everything to the east part of the park.

I always find it interesting that even though I have lived next to the ocean for almost 40 years, any ocean is still a visual attraction. Perhaps that is because during the past few years, I rarely actually went to the beach. I probably spent more time on the beach today than I have in 10 years. And yes, I even took my lawn chair down to the beach and stared at the waves for awhile.

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