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Nature Coast Trail #1

Nature Coast Trail, #2

Circa 1935 bridge at Nature Coast Trail.

Suwannee River.

Suwannee #2.

Really inviting river water, huh?

Not sure what this tree was, but offered some great color.

Another photo experiment.

Campsite at Old Town Campground. The white tint to ground is sand.

Yes, that's my dark chocolate S'more!

Working my way back.

Well, today marks the start of the journey back west.

This morning brought some pretty good rain – I think the travel god’s are punishing me. But, I have to say, it was a bit refreshing.

My time and distance were much more relaxed today, and I even made a last minute route change after checking on my mail at Clermont. The drive up to Old Town was really very easy. Finally – no major road construction. And the secondary roads were not very busy, with much more things to look at. Still no view of the west coast, but got a little feel for some of the off-the-beaten track country. Mostly farm land.

My destination for today was the Old Town campground, near the Suwannee River. Got here early afternoon, so had some time to do just a little exploring, and mostly enjoying a peaceful campsite.

Oh, I did stop for gas a few miles from Old Town (that’s the name of the City also), and felt very much like the minority – probably because I was. The folks were real nice though – even the young guy hanging around outside (I’d say late teens) who asked if my 5th wheel was a camper or an RV.

Tonight was the first night that I could have a legitimate campfire. So guess what!? I couldn’t let my campfire building skills get rusty, so had to buy a little wood (that hurt), build the one-match fire, and get all smelly from the smoke!! And yes, I had a couple s’mores for good measure - one of which was with dark chocolate, in honor of a special friend.

Time: 4 hours, 20 minutes (including mail stop)

Distance: 152 miles

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