Rox & Brad In The Melaque Sun! travel blog

Getting my pipa coco nut drink


Around town

What the $%% its a mule getting a ride.

Bill and Adells house, its big!

Cobble stones street, hard to walk on for a long time.

Nice little breafast coffee spot.

Coco nut prawns about 10 bucks

Mahi Mahi Floretine... 10 bucks

Art in the rest

Building the firework rack.

Our high end dinner spot.


Bands and fireworks all week!

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Fire works

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(AVI - 655 K)

Little kids run under the sparks for good luck. The cover with...

Started off with a big cup of my favorite drink, Pippa coco nut juice. Next we did a walk around town to see if our old friends from boating in Powell River were home, they were not. Spend the rest of the day at the beach and they we went for our first high end dinner. Yup time to flex with the bucks. There are three very good rest in town and Los Caracoles is one of them. I had the coco nut prawns and Rox got the Mahi Mahi Florentine. It was high end dinning service and on the way our we were presented with a soft chocolate each by a fellow at the exit that had a box full and passed then out to us with steel tongs. Nice. The food was great and my Coco nut shrimp was 130 pesos or 10.66 cnd. Even better. We usually pay about 45 to 80 pesos for food. Now comes the fun part! Last night we were waken by the gun shots and blasts, but its not guns its fire works and some kind of bombs they let off to celebrate St. Patrick's day here in Melaque. The noise and bombs go all night and fire works in the town square are every day as this is a 10 day event!! Its a lot of fun so we will just have to go with it.... Brad.

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