Anne & Tom in Florida 2011 travel blog

Spring in bloom as we head north

A torpedo from WWII in Georgia, home to the Kings Bay Naval...

Charlotte, NC

A decorative advertisement in the Cracker Barrel

Fancy Gap is located in Virginia's beautiful Blue Ridge Highlands region

Another place named for Tom

In Gettysburg, Anne shows Gretchen the lace she has made on the...

Joel (far right) in the Saturday afternoon Playback Theater


The theater ensemble did a wonderful performance

Gretchen is a great cook

On Sunday, Gretchen's brother, Bruce and his wife Katie came for the...

The Lutheran Church on Seminary Ridge in Gettysburg where the Vespers took...

Monday morning

It had rained all day Sunday (over 2 inches!) and as the...

The blown snow reminds us of the blown sand on the Florida...

Getting the RV ready for the last push home.

March 4 - 7 Traveling Home

We got up very early on Thursday and set out from Fort Clinch at 7 AM. We had a 450 mile day ahead of us and we planned to be in Elkin, NC  that evening. (Elkin  is approximately 70 miles north of Charlotte and 40 miles west of Winston-Salem.) We stayed in a Best Western and had a country meal at the Cracker Barrel that was within walking distance.

Friday was only a 380 mile day and we arrived at Gretchen and Joel Plotkin's near Gettysburg, PA in time for supper. (Gretchen and Joel are our daughter Audrey's in-laws.) They had a busy performance weekend with Gretchen off on Saturday morning to her Schola Cantorum choir practice and Joel in his Playback Theater in the afternoon. We attended both performances. The Playback Theater was a new experience for us and we realized that Joel is a master of this art. (A person from the audience relates a story from their life and the actors re-enact it for the audience.  The "conductor" helps elicit the story and then chooses a form that the actors will use. This can be excellent feedback or even therapy, I suppose, and was used in this instance to wrap up a day-long workshop on Diversity and Inclusion issues.)  A heavy rain fell all day Sunday and we were in our raincoats as we filed into the Lutheran Church on Seminary Ridge at the Gettysburg Lutheran Theological Semimary for the Vespers service for which Gretchen's Schola was singing. It was beautiful.  The organ in this church is huge and phenomenal!

During the night, the rain turned to snow and we were awakened to Monday morning of brilliant white that covered all the trees and the RV. We knew we were home in the north - no longer in the warm climes of our last two months of "summer." The drive home of 325 miles was uneventful except for the salt grime that covered the rear of the RV and the towed car. Tom had to wipe the rear-view video camera lens often as the road spray accumulated on it. Gretchen had provided our welcome home meal with leftovers of the excellent lasagna she had made for the Sunday dinner.

Our driveway was plowed, but drifts and snow piles greeted us as we drove in. We are already planning for next year's excursion to Florida, but first we have Italy in May and Movie Camp with our grandsons (Jesse & Tim) and their fiends in July and then camping with Jesse & Tim in August. The RV has over 50,000 miles on it and we are still enjoying our home-away-from-home very much.

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