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Sue, Gayla, Tim and Ted

Diane, Pam, Jay and Marilyn

Jay, Marilyn, Sue and Gayla

Ted, Owen, Ed, and Ralph

For our friend, Gilbert

Ed and Owen

Sun setting, on the way home

Marilyn enjoying the weather

I believe that it is time to get back to writing of the day to day life of a full-time RV couple, and the lifestyle we live every day.

Yesterday, at 3:00 in the afternoon, we headed out, riding with Owen & Jay, toward Port Isabel, where the bridge to the island of South Padre is located.

Ralph & Diane had discovered a really good place to eat, called “Gulf Seafood and Joe’s Oyster Bar” and a group of us were excited about trying it out.

Ed & Pam rode with Ralph & Diane. Ted & Sue drove over to South Padre earlier in the day, with their friends, Tim & Gayla, who were visiting from Minnesota.

As I mentioned, we rode with Canadian friends, Owen & Jay, who are retired school teachers. These are such nice people that our conversation was constant. Before we knew it, we had passed the turn-off to Hwy 100 which leads toward Port Isabel, and we had to find a place to turn around. That was no big deal but we laughed about having a GPS and already knowing the way to get there, plus the huge signs, and still missing the turnoff. Owen and I tried to blame the women for causing the problem but they were having none of it. LOL

All twelve of us met at the seafood place, a bit after 4:00 PM.

As we parked in front of the restaurant, Ted & Sue drove up. The others were already inside, waiting for us.

Fresh, delicious oysters on the half shell, accompanied by a cold beer, seemed to be the primary order, but some drank soda or simply ice water, and there were a couple who did not like raw oysters. The fried or grilled shrimp, fish, and delicious crab cakes were also terrific.

Constant conversation and laughter filled the room. Three of us decided to top off this wonderful meal with another dozen oysters for dessert.

Well, they were really good!

We were back at the RV before 7:00 after enjoying a wonderful day with friends.

Today, we did our best to act lazy. We lingered over our morning coffee, took out the trash, closed the valve to the gray water tank, made the bed, cleaned the RV inside, and then settled down to enjoy the day.

Marilyn did some laundry and we took a walk of just over three miles, around the resort.

I rode my bike down to the Rec Hall to eat some lunch. Pasta and some pea soup on a 93 degree day. Wow!

Later, Ted called and we rode our bikes to the pool hall to shoot some pool. We always have fun when shooting pool together. That was a good way to spend the afternoon.

A shower and clean clothing followed, and then we relaxed for the remainder of our day.

We have been trying to figure out a day for our arrival back here at Llano Grande for next November. That is so we can make a reservation.

We’ll be returning from South Africa in November, and want to spend a week with family before we leave Hannibal, headed south.

Planning our route should be easy because we’ve made that trip at least five times before.

We are leaving much later than normal however, and want to get as far south as possible, as quickly as possible, to avoid any nasty winter storms which might come along.

People sometimes make fun of me for planning things so far in advance but I happen to believe in the “Six P’s” theory.

“Prior Planning Prevents P..s Poor Performance”.

OK! That’s enough for today. Hope all of you dear readers had a fine day. God Bless!

Remember…………..Life is Good!

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