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Woke up today in Firenze. I find it funny americans have renamed the city to florence. (Which doesn't really sound the same). I didn't have a set schedule today but I had to go pay the parking again at 8am so I figured I better get moving. The nice girl at the desk from yesterday was still there. She printed out some things for naples for me and gave me flowers because it is national women's day! What a nice way to start the day. I asked for her address so I can send her something when I get back home. After a quick bite and a cappuccino I was on my way. It was supposed to take 2.5hrs to get to Rome... The drive was amazing. I wish I could've taken pictures but the guard rail blocked the shots. Well I got to Rome in a little over 3hrs. (I had to stop at the rest stop for my cappuccino) btw- when you order there you stand at the counter and drink and eat smushed in between people (I don't know why I like that so much). Well apparently I went the wrong way when I took my exit but it was an amazig drive up to the top of a mountain. I was about 30mins out of the way. I stopped at a gas station and met the nicest man who not only gave me a map he even showed me where to go. ...which apparently I did not pay attention to because it was an extra 4 hrs of drivig around before I found my hotel. (I was on the wrong side of the river) but I didn't get upset. I finally found it. It is a really cute place. Walking distance from monuments and shopping but not stuck downtown. I had no problem finding parking too. After checking in, I went to explore. I have no clue exactly where I was (I'll look at a map later) but it was awesome. All the famous designer stores and it was crazy packed because of carnivale. The atmosphere was infectious. I went to a outdoor cafe and grabbed a bite to eat and an espresso then walked around some more. When the sun went down it got waaaay to cold so I walked back to the hotel. I relaxed a bit until 730 when the restaurants reopened. I walked across the street to a little place and had a lovely dinner of caprese, ravioli, wine, espresso and a fried dough thing. I was very un-Italian and didn't finish any course but oh well, I just couldn't! I met a really nice waiter from Egypt. ...so all in all today was another awesome day!!!

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