Rox & Brad In The Melaque Sun! travel blog

The big tent

Note the stickers LOL Only one interal. One product.

Gas from the past


Rox is in the Yoga class behind the red truck!

The Albatross bar tender.

View from Albatross



Rox was going to kill me! The bathroom, no paper!


In the big tent


That is a real live chicken.

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I can handle this!

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The chicken is real LOL

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Wow, it was an other hot and dusty day in Melaque! We make breakfast at home and spent the first part of the day at the pool. Next Rox was off to Yoga! So I just headed over to the Albatross Rest down on the beach. They are trying to raise money for a girls dress for prom so there was a little deal on dinner and the money was forwarded to the girl. Rox was looking forward to a nice meal after Yoga but I had other ideas. Lets grab some grub at the Albatross and then go to the Circus. Wow, I was pumped. We paid our 30 pesos or about 25 cents and got into the big tent. LOL worth 25 cents just to be in a big tent. Have not been in one since I was about 9. Well the entertainment was ahhh hmmm lets put it this way good for the Mexican kids. It was all prerecorded and the lip sink was not very close , musical instruments had no strings and there was a live chicken on a string the main guy would bounce like a yo-yo and throw around. DonĀ“t think it could happen in Canada. LOL Now the bathroom had running water but was located in an old semi water pumped from the left fuel tank and the waste over to the right fuel tank. ahh. Some engineering! Came back into town later for a snack, fish soup and a beer. Was woken from a dead sleep with load fireworks at 4 am as its the start of some festival. Something to do with St. Patrick's day. Could be 20 thousand coming to town for the 10 day event. Brad

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