We pulled into Desert Paradise, an Encore park.

on the east end of Yuma it's easy to find.

many Canadians come here for the winter.

It tidy and orderly here.

Our setup, space 69, it's a small space

it was tricky pulling in with that big palm tree to get...

they're serious about shuffle board here


nice game rooms including a card room

We're on our way to San Diego, CA but, it's too far to drive from Alamo Lake in one day, so we wanted to break it up with a short double overnight in Yuma. It was a pleasant 156 mile drive from Alamo Lake to the east side of Yuma. We met up with our friends Don & Dodi who have been here for a few weeks.

As it turns out, our two day visit has turned into three due to a storm stirring up too much wind for us to drive. We don't drive with winds in excess of 40 miles per hour.

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