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This is Carnaval weekend but not much happening in Meteti so we got a long nites sleep. With bus stop just 100' from the hospedaje it was a piece of cake...the minibus picked us up at 8:15 and we arr in Yaviza at 9:30 - the road is 90% smooth asphalt. Off the minivan the police informed us we must register after we get settled - nice fellows, actually, I think they are really army! We ckd the hostel mentioned in the LP (Hostel 3 Americas) but due to floods (2) in December they were still trying to fix the place up, water had been 6-8' up the walls! It is interesting that all the older, wooden houses are up on stilts. It is just the newer cement block type ones that are not and they are the ones that suffered the most.

Anyway, we settled on a Hotel (did not get the name, but it is just 2 blocks on the main street from where the minivan let us off - the end of the road!) where she had 3 beds, AC, and private bath for $25. There are alot of tourists, mostly Panamanians, and from the looks of this small village (we walked around alot) we are the only foreigners. When the hotel fills up rapidly we feel lucky to get our room.

The village is very charming, typical tropical Caribbean town especially parts where older houses are wood and on stilts. By noon the music is really blasting and the street in front of our hotel is jammed with dancers and revelers squirting water and onlookers and army personnel on both ends of the street. For the heat of the day we retreat to our room and even with earplugs in and our room towards the back of the hotel, the music is majorly loud!! We head to the Chinese market/store (many of the larger markets in neighborhoods are Chinese owned/operated) to get our dinner eats and manage not to get sprayed with water. Later we watch the activities from our balcony. Amazingly, at sunset, all is quiet and the street is practically empty! A curfew? We don't know but sleep well!

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