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Training finally resumed with a huge 3 and a half hour session. Everysession starts witha long pep talk by Miguel but obviously it's boring to us because of the language barrier. Moussa and Lloyd are good at English but they can't translate everything that's said and do their best to inform us. During the talks I get really restless and just want to get on with training.

Assistant manager/coach Simao took us for the warm up and it was really good, reminded me of the warm ups we were taught by Arsenal during our training days.

We then paired up with each pairing having a ball, I was buddied up with Simaozinho. He's a great player and probably the best at the club who could easily play at a higher standard. Miguel calls him 'the priest' because he never ventures from the confines of the club grounds although we know for a fact he loves the gym. We've already decided that when we renovate it he's going to work there and be in charge.

Back to the training session, we did some shielding and mirroring drills with a few progressions which everyone enjoyed.

The main training involved the zone drill we completed last week.

Our coaching session at 3 was cancelled so we assisted in an English lesson instead. These take place within the club and are really good, I think even we picked up a few grammar tips. Big John (Chandulia) was the teacher and Mr Mann's 12 year old daughter is the star pupil. Ruben also attended and put in a solid effort as always, his English has already improved a lot.

Later that night I watched the Spurs vs Milan game and witnessed Crouch improve his goal scoring tally when he popped up to secure a 1-0 win.

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