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Good old Lloyd told us there was no training while I was stuffing my face over breakfast. So with this in mind we planned to take it easy and then go coach Paulinho's team Murocco at 3.

For some reason I was really tired and spent almost the entire day in and out of sleep. People say 'I've never slept so much' as a throw away comment but it was true of me today.

3 o'clock soon came round and and we set out for Paulinho's area of town.

His area was situated halway up the mountain and on our way we could see Futeco Park in the distance. We even bumped into a randomer who spoke really good English and lived in Liverpool for a few years. However unlike typical scousers I could actually understand what he was saying.

We arrived and watched Paulinho do his thing then coached a bit and the children were a joy to coach as usual. The children are normally treated as adults during coaching sessions here so it's nice for them and us to turn up and deliver a fun session.

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