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Pirate's Cove

Sign at Pirate's Cove

Our old friend, the Big Dog

An adorable dog at Pirate's Cove

Some of our friends at Pirate's Cove

Sweet Home Alabama Mystery Dinner

The Servers

John and Helen serving Frank and BJ

Our table at the Mystery Dinner

Hot air balloon seen from our patio

After another colder than normal but snow-less Alabama winter we are finally starting to see the welcome signs of Spring. The weather for the last two weeks has been absolutely wonderful with plenty of sunshine and light breezes until yesterday when the winds picked up and today rain is threatening the Foley Mardi Gras parade. Hopefully the rain will hold off long enough for the parade to take place and then by our next parades in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach on Tuesday the weather will be back to beautiful. We have decided to view the parades from the sidelines this year instead of riding the campground float as we have the last two years.

Over the last few weeks we have been very busy however most of our activities have involved eating out or attending parties. What a life. In January about 65 of us “snowbirds” went to a local restaurant, Wolf Bay Lodge, to celebrate the birthdays of several of our neighbors. The original Wolf Bay Lodge was destroyed by fire in 2008 and the new improved restaurant now located in Foley is very nice and could easy accommodate our large party along with their regular crowd.

One Saturday evening the annual Road Kill Supper was held at the clubhouse. Several of the men spent the entire day cooking up a large kettle of various meats and vegetables over an open fire by the pool and then everyone brought a dish for the buffet and again we were treated to one heck of a meal.

On February 12th the second annual mystery dinner was held. Last years dinner was an Italian Bistro theme and many of us wondered how the mystery dinner committee could out do themselves this year and thought that since the dinner was scheduled near Valentine’s day that we could expect another romantic evening. Never in our wildest dreams could we have guessed this year’s theme, Sweet Home Alabama, complete with a “red-neck” porch scene and a typical southern menu and for dessert, of course, dirt pudding. Our servers were dressed in their best hillbilly outfits, with fitting southern names and fake southern accents. I can’t take credit for the Mystery Dinner pictures, this time I remembered my camera but the battery was dead and the spare was back at the camper, luckily one of our neighbors was kind enough to share his photos.

One Sunday afternoon we went to Ralph and Ronni’s, Bob’s sister Judy’s friends from Missouri for a get together. After spending their winters in a condo at the beach the last few years they bought a home not far from us in Foley. Ronni’s sisters were visiting from South Dakota and Las Vegas so it was a good excuse for a party with lots of food, wine and conversation. One of the guests from Michigan brought her own homemade Blackberry wine, yum.

We made another trip to Pirate’s Cove for lunch with the dogs and we are working our way through as many of the local restaurants we can. We try not to go to the same restaurant twice but sometimes they are just so good we have to go again. With only six weeks left here in Foley we still have a lot to see and do.

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