Rox & Brad In The Melaque Sun! travel blog

Note all the sailboats in the bay!



They look plastic!


White power sand!

Jack is in the red shirt and ball cap.

Yesterday we got up early and did the tour bus to a small fishing town (La Parilla) not sure how to spell. It took 1.5 hours heading North up the coast. We got there had breakfast then were speed off to a small island surrounded in white powder sand and lots of bird. My favorite bird of the day was the Brown Boobie. Wow it did not even look real with green plastic looking feet. The birds are afraid of us so we come right up to then and say hi, take some pics and move on. Quite a climb up to the cliffs to see the birds through cactus and vines. LOL Rox was asking we what are we doing, but when we got to the top of the cliffs she loved it. It was smoking hot and we both got three more shades of brown. Our tour Gide, whom also own the rest bar (Ava) has been in a horrible accident. He has lost both arms and has burns to at least 70% of his body. Accident was long ago. This man came on the boat with us, organized everything and is quite a fun happy guy. Wow. No arms.... think about it if you can. Jack must have one hell of a brain, to live life and really live it , I am blown away. He only needs help from us to get in the boat and to turn his ball cap around to it dose not fly off in the wind. ..... After snorkeling and seeing some cool fish we headed back to the mainland and had prawns for dinner. Then back to Melaque on the bus. This morning I woke early so walked to the small town next door (Cuastecomate) about 2 kms up and down a pretty steep hill, lots of funky birds along the way. Tomorrow off to Barra and the market for Rox and Donna Jean. Me the beach and beer! Brad

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