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Hillside Padi Fields

Water Wheel

Crossing The Weir

First Waterfall

Bridge Over Troubled Waters

In The Cow Shed

Sulphur Springs

Wow!! That was the day that was! I thought we had seen Bali on our previous visits many years ago now but again we found places today we had never heard of.

The morning started with the usual light breakfast of toast & fruit, supplemented by scrambled eggs on toast for an extra 20,000 rupiahs (about £1.50) each. Then we were picked up by our guide & driver at 10 am & off we went for a three hour trek to see some waterfalls up in the mountains. Well, trek was right, we drove up into the mountains in our 4 wheel drive vehicle for nearly an hour & the road got narrower & steeper until it petered out into a narrow rough track. We then had to leave the vehicle & were joined by a local guide to take us up to the waterfalls, there were three of them for us to visit.

Off we went up a narrow trail, deeper & deeper & higher & higher into the rain forest. We are not the fittest of people or the youngest but with the help of the guides we climbed steadily higher & higher. Even that high up the mountains there were a few houses with the inevitable children & animals running around. We passed by rice field terraces dug into the hillside & marvelled at how anyone could eke out a living in such a remote & difficult location.

All the way up the trail there were torrents of water pouring down the hillside. A lot of it is channelled to provide irrigation to the padi fields & we came across one ingenious homemade electricity generator powered by water diverted by pipe from one of the streams. These apparently come from the lake that we visited yesterday. At one point we had to cross a weir constructed to control the main flow & this proved to be fun, at least we made it across without falling in.

We eventually visited three waterfalls, each higher up than the last & our three hour trek finally took four hours but we made it. All praise to Viv as I was sure she would stop after struggling through to the first waterfall.

We made our way back down to the coast again and after lunch went along the coast to visit the hot springs. They really were quite warm & I had the chance to join in with the other locals & tourists for a dip in the pools. Just what was needed after the morning’s exertions.

Back at the hotel I, once again, thrashed her majesty at Rummikub.

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