Anne & Tom in Florida 2011 travel blog

The view of the beach from our RV's roof.

Walking to the beach

The tide was out and the beach was very wide

The yearly dredging operation which allows the submarines to get out the...

Walking in the surf


Birthday dinner at LeClos





A last sunrise just as we left at 6:30 in the morning.

February 28 - March 3 Fort Clinch

Monday, February 28 is Tom's birthday. He was born in 1941 (you do the math) so this was a special event and we dined in Fernandina Beach at LeClos where we had a superb meal. We had set up reservations at Fort Clinch back in January when we were there on our way down. It was much warmer now, than when were were there in January and we walked the beach before heading out to Tom's birthday dinner. The next two days of our stay at Fort Clinch were very windy and the dredging operations (there is a submarine base just up the St. Mary River) were suspended due to high seas. We found the wind that shook the RV to be exciting and Tom got to sit by a small campfire wrapped up in a blanket. Now, that's real camping!

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