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Today was “Weigh Day” for Marilyn and she continues to do her “Happy Dance”, losing enough to have reached her goal of 20 lbs.

She now has set a new goal to lose five more. She is dedicated and has far more will-power than I have.

She looks good!

Ben & Tina picked Marilyn up at 8:00 this morning and I drove over to Jose’s Cafecita in Weslaco to meet them at 9:30, for a good breakfast of Huevos Rancheros.

We lingered after breakfast, sipping coffee, talking and laughing.

Back at the RV, Marilyn changed clothing and took off for a walk. I stayed behind, playing golf on the Wii, and then I went inside to do some research on the computer.

Marilyn walked nearly 3 ½ miles by the time she returned.

We ate a quick bite of lunch and did whatever we wanted to do for the remainder of the afternoon.

Marilyn, her book and a lounge chair seemed to be perfect matches.

I tried to download some Dell software and became a bit frustrated.

We did sit outdoors for awhile, then Marilyn walked across the street to get some fish out of our neighbors freezer, for our dinner.

Tomorrow we are going to Mexico to get some meds and some movies. We don’t have a lot of time left here in the valley, before we head north. Fewer people remain here each day, as many head for new destinations. Some have gone to Florida or Arizona or many other destinations in the good ole USA.

As for us, we have two issues remaining. Get the fridge fixed and prepare to head back to Missouri to see our kids and grandkids.

Life is Good!

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