Rox & Brad In The Melaque Sun! travel blog

Sunset in front of our hotel.

Getting happy and brown!

This is Melaque!

Classy Salamanders Rest

Salamanders Rest

Ok here it is, Free shooter , Grande Marg

Fresh fruit drink at the market.

Rox was spending!!

Geting some fresh nuts

Still buying!

On the way home from the mrk

Rox is at the local bakery!

This girl is very slow, I give here some pacos.


Dinner with Jane and Donna Jean.

Spinich omlet about 3.50


Flat all week so far, the back tire



Around town

Still shopping

Beach bar in Melaque.

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Free beach party ent.

Yesterday we went to a fancy res. ( Salamanders) We had super large margs , 70 Pecos and a prawn pasta for 140 pesos. Divide by 11 to get Cdn price. This was a little good bye party for Jane whom is off to Ont. to go skiing. We were given free tequila shooters and and the place was very elegant. This morning woke and took our coffee to the beach and watched the pelicans fish. Then we took a walk down to the Wensday market, Rox was shopping like mad. On the way back we stopped at the local bakery and got some 1 hour old break and buns. Rox is making us a avocado sandwich and then its off to the Internet where I am now. Tonight we will go to a beach bar called The Albatross and see a live band on the beach followed by a two part Eco Tour slide show on trips around our area. And half way they have a buffet for 50 pesos about 4.50 cdn so it sounds like a good night. Ops the band will play from 930 till 1100pm for dancing and general party time. Also while watching wind and waves yesterday we saw this sailboat just off the beach full sails and we were thinking is he crazy or and expert sailor broach. Then a few minutes later it was sunk and the sailors holding on to the mast in the water. Boat about 22 ft. caused quite a commotion of boats coming to the rescue sirens going off in Melaque and maybe Bara and finally the rescue, with the boat being dragged across the bay.

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