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Viv & Muud at Temple

The Temple

Roasting Balinese Coffee

Coffee Tasting

Packed our suitcases yet again & checked out of our hotel ready for our tour of Bali. Melky turned up at 8am as promised with our car, driver Michael & our young guide Muud so all our cases & bags were loaded up & off we went. The whole trip was to prove great, I thought we had been to most of the main tourist places but was to find out that there were a lot we hadn’t known about.

We headed North & our first stop was at the royal temple at Taman Ayun, one of the many Hindu temples that abound in Bali. They really take their religion seriously here & there are temples & shrines everywhere. Every day you see people taking little baskets of fruit & other offerings & placing them in small shrines around their houses or shops, restaurants etc. or even on the ground. It is hard to avoid kicking or treading on the ones on the footpaths. Anyway Muud takes us round the temple & explains some of the ceremonies to us. It is a lovely peaceful place but there are quite a lot of visitors presumably because it is Sunday. We have fun getting our photos taken with some of the visitors.

Our next stop was at a Coffee & Tea Plantation where we got to see & sample some of the local products. I got to help an old lady roast some beans over a fire & after paying extra I got to sample the most expensive coffee in the World. If you ever get to see The Bucket List movie with Jack Nicholson & Morgan Freeman you’ll hear Jack’s character raving about this coffee. It’s made from the droppings of an animal called a ??????. Apparently it eats the coffee beans & then passes them through it’s system without digesting them and they are collected up, cleaned & processed. Whatever happens to the beans inside the animal is supposed to give them their unique flavour. I have to say that the coffee tasted like sh*! to me. I want to know who first thought of collecting up this animals droppings & making a drink out of it?

We then carried on to view some typical Balinese padi fields on the way to Bedugul to see the beautiful lake temple. From there we carried on North to Puncak to stop & feed the monkeys beside the road before we stopped again to look at a waterfall.

It was a very full day & we weren’t sorry to finally reach our hotel on the North coast of Bali at Lovina where we are to stay for two nights. Not the poshest of hotels but right beside the sea & typical Balinese.

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