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We arrived in Rome only to find a huge Republic Day parade...

Bocca Della Vertia in english the mouth of truth

The Roman Forum, does this picture look familiar?

Plazza del Campidoglio and the statue of Marcus Aurelius

Big old thing

Outside the Colosseum

Inside the Colosseum

Pizza everywhere and so good you buy it based on weight

St.Peters Basilica in the Vatican City

Inside is just incredible

One of the Popes funeral tumbs, each pope had to commission his...

The alter where only the Pope can give Mass

And if you ran out of money or died to soon this...

The Swiss guard the only people to protect the Pope in over...

Standing from here you can only see 1 row of the 4

You have to stand there

Fountains all over the city with drinkable water

Inside the Vatican Museum

Still inside

Now in the map room

One of Raphael's paintings


Spiral staircase/ramp in the Museum

Hey lady get out of my picture


The wall on the right is the secret passage for the Pope...

The hide out

One of our favorite restaurants and best meal since we left.

Just your average church here in Rome

The Spanish Steps can you see Landon

Pza. Navona

The Pantheon

The dome

The light only shines on the great

Trevi Fountain

Janet and her Italian shoes 3 pairs, now she has more than...

Just another piazza to have a drink in

On our way to Church

Inside St. Maria Maggiore where we went to church on Sunday

After church

This is what is left of the statue of Constitine it used...

The skyline church domes everywhere

And I thought I was big

everyday is a good day for GELATO

Our hotel courtyard excellent place to share a bottle of wine

The first coin means your are guaranteed to return the second is...

Like the cars in a flash we are out Rome already

June 1 to June 6

We arrived in Rome to find the whole city booked up. We had not realized we hit a national holiday where it appeared that everybody in Italy went to Rome. Fortunetly the guy at the train station had one hotel room that he could offer. We had to give him a deposit for the room, then he said we could check the room and if we did not like it he would give us our money back and good luck finding something else. The hotel area seemed a little sketchy but turned out be to a good hotel and a nice area. It was by the university. It was a little bit of a walk to the sights but it helped us work off all the gelato that we have been consuming. The second day we hit the city ready to see the sights but were unaware that there was a big republic day parade going on. The Colosseum and Forum area were blocked off until after lunch. We ended up having to kill 2.5 hours and we couldn't even see the parade, because of all the people. We spent the next couple of days seeing the Roman Forum, The Colosseum, The Mouth of Truth, Vatican City, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain and we could go on. The best meal on our trip so far was dinning in the street. There was a restaurant sprawled two building and the street in between. It was lined up to get a seat and you had to get to know the owner or you weren't getting in. (There was no real line, people just loitered around the people eating). Food and atmosphere could not be beat. It only took us an hour and half to get a table. On Sunday we went to church. It was in Italian so we had no idea what they were saying but it sounded beautiful. On most evenings we got take out pizza, a bottle of wine and sat in our hotel courtyard. Rome is one of our favorite cities so far.

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