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Start of a brand new spanking month in Manica so I christened it with a special breakfast of ... peanut butter rolls there's a surprise.

Morning training involved 3 v 3 work and passing and wasn't the longest session we've had since we've been here.

Had the staple lunch of kings... that'd be Sudza and kove then before going to afternoon training.

Drew sat out afternoon training and I ended up defending in a match type situation/drill.

Dinner time soon came around and we went Vumba Lodge with Zambo because we've got nothing but love for their chicken. Tuesday equals treat day for us and the ladies and gentlemen at moody Nandos did not disappoint. Although I'm ashamed to report Zambo did disappoint with his pitiful ordering of a quarter chicken... man up.

When bill time came around we had a chat with the owner who is a friendly, funny man.

He gave us a master class in the art of seasoning a chicken - don't get any ideas mum. I though it was a bit ironic when he told us about how he had been to Nandos in Zimbabwe the day before. That's the last place I'd go if I dealt in serving chicken. Mind you who was I to judge he was obviously a frango (chicken) connoisseur.

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