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Daffodills are blooming

A drive through the woods at Callaway Gardens

Butterfly emerging from chrysalis

Common morpho chrysalis'

Luna moth I think







Concrete tower like at Cape Henlopen

I took a day off today and went to Callaway Gardens. Admission is free in January and February as not many flowers are in bloom. Daffodills are breaking out as are the forsythia. It's probably beautiful in a couple of months as there are lots of azelias and rhododendron as well as native wildflowers. It's a pretty big place (2,500 acres) so I drove around most of it before stopping at the indoor butterfly gardens. It's alot like Butterfly World that I visited in Florida. They raise butterfly and release them into the indoor garden area. Some of the flowers were in bloom.

The Gardens were started in 1952 by Cason Callaway and his wife, Virginia to preserve the native flora of southeastern US. The area is forested now, but back in the 50's when they started it was farm land. It's like Longwood Gardens now, but larger. There was a concrete tower along the road that looked just like the coastal artillery spotting towers at Cape Henlopen. I saw another one along the road when I was driving to Pine Mountain last week end. I don't know why they are there.

I should be finishing up here in the next couple of day and begin the trip north. I'll try to bring some warm weather with me.

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