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Ed at the beach

Galen and Ed

Hupuna Beach

Hupuna Beach Bay

Jenna playing in the bay

Jenna dancing

Made a sand angel

Trevor and Jenna

Kim sunning, Jenna building

palm trees blowing in the wind

Scene at sunset

Trev, Jenna and Galen

Trev on his boogey board

A great time

Heading for another wave

This was going to be a beach day for Kim, Galen and the kids. Chey still was sunburned from Tuesday at the beach so she stayed with Grandma to go shopping. Uncle Ed went with the Schmiedt’s to the beach so he could get Hawaiian sunburn to take back to Oregon. Trevor got to rent a boogie board and spent the day riding waves. Jenna helped build a sand castle and enjoyed playing in the ocean water. Ed got his sunburn. A good day was had by all!

Chey and grandma went shopping and to lunch in Kona. They each made a few purchases and had a nice day out by themselves. For the evening, we went to the Brewery for dinner. The Brewery was highly recommended and turned out to be a good choice. Grandma and Grandpa took the 3 kids back to the condo to spend some time with them while the others went to the local clubs. Everyone joined for a visit before bed to reflect on the week. The Schmiedt’s fly out tomorrow.

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