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Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch is a highly rated roadside attraction on Highway 60 near Picacho Peak. The ranch has a collection of fallow deer, Boer's goats, miniature Sicilian donkeys and rainbow lorikeets. They ranch was originally located in Guthrie, OK but they moved to a more suitable climate for the ostriches. The admission fee includes feed for the livestock and nectar for the birds. They also sell ostrich eggs (whole and just the shell for you artist types), ostrich feather dusters and other souvenirs. We visited there with some friends, Terri and Ron Gammage, who spent a month in the Valley of the Sun. Rumor has it that if a Lorikeet makes a deposit on your head, it is good luck. Paula received a generous supply of deposit--not sure about the luck thing. We bought an ostrich egg and shared the contents with Terri and Ron. The proprietors told us that an ostrich egg is about the size of two dozen hen eggs. I might believe 18 small eggs. Anyway, we had scrambled eggs for lunch a couple of days later. They taste the same as a chicken eggs but a little fluffier and lighter. Supposedly, people that have an allergy to hen eggs do not have problems with ostrich eggs.

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