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We slept in later than normal this morning. We could have chosen to sit outdoors to sip our coffee but opted to stay in our recliners.

It was after 9:00 when Marilyn reminded me that today was trash day, so I scurried around and took the trash out, still wearing my PJ’s.

Marilyn fixed up a delicious breakfast of bacon, eggs, green chili’s and toast. Fresh orange juice washed it all down and we were ready to face the day.

Marilyn cleaned the kitchen and put in a load of laundry before taking off for a walk.

I dressed for the day, made the bed, and took some stuff out to the basement storage area.

I then took a seat in my recliner, with all of our CD/DVD folders around me. It was time to get things straightened up!

We now have one folder for music, one for family pictures and computer software, and two folders for movies. At least we can more easily locate a particular CD or DVD now that I have things organized.

Marilyn took her shower and the whole RV smells like shampoo. That is a good thing! I’m not complaining here. LOL

We called Jen & Steve this morning. When I talked to Colby, I told him that when we come back, I am going to hug him so tight that his eyes will bug out. He replied that HE was going to hug ME and make MY eyes bug out.

We sure do love those kids and look forward to seeing them and spending time with them again.

In the afternoon, Marilyn sat outside with her book while I played golf on the Wii.

Ben came by walking his dog, and he stopped to visit for awhile. It was another beautiful day and lots of people were walking, riding bikes, sitting with a book and a cold drink, or riding around in their golf carts.

Marilyn & I decided to stay home and have spaghetti, salad, and a glass of wine for dinner.

The resort came out with the rental rates for next year and they will remain the same as this year. That is good news.

Well, dear readers, that is about all the news from our location for this day.

We have plans for tomorrow with Ted & Sue, and it will be fun. Pictures should be part of tomorrow’s journal entry.

Remember…………..Life is Good!

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