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Aloha from Maui. We landed yesterday morning and have been on the road non stop.

Day 17 (Feb 23) was a mild but long day, we left the big island at 8:24am and arrived at 8:54am. Plenty of time to get organized for this weeks journey however Jason came down with a high fever and cold so we spent about 2ours in the costco parking lot so he could sleep the fever off as it was getting progressively worse as the day wore on. We got JJ some cold pills at Costco so he took them asap and once feeling better we were on our way to get a camping permit. Stopped at the state building to purchase one and got a $40 parking ticket - the meter had 11 minutes left on it so we thought we were good. Turns out that it was only 25cents for half an hour and the traffic officer said "Ell if you pot this ticket on your dash now you are good for another two hours". How does that work? H well lessoned learned. We drove to Kanaha Beach Park to pitch our tent for the night however we were run out by a squatter who did not want any tourists there. It appeared that everyone staying there was squatting so we left to go to the Haleakala National Park to stay at Hosmer Grove campground. By the time we got there it was pouring rain, thunder and lightning like nothing I have ever witnessed before. At just over 6000 feet the thunder booms and the lightning is an orangish yellow that lights up your entire tent. We choose a higher elevation due to flood warnings everywhere else we wanted to camp. So we were lulled to sleep by the booms and flashes all night - something I know the momma (Jason's mom) would love. LOL

Day 18 (Feb 24) woke up to a wet tent inside and out but it wasn't bad. We have our inflatable matresses and we were on a slope so we had very little in the tent. Jason got a new inflatable shipped to him for free by the manufacturer so he got a great nights sleep last night even if it was storming.

We headed out to drive the world's most beautiful drive, the road to Hana. Most people get motion sickness due to the winding curvy roads and take it from us it is just that. But the picturesque views of spectacular waterfalls, the rugged Hana shorelines and just the drive itself only begin to describe what we saw on our journey to Hana. It as about 40 miles but it can take up to 4 hours to drive depending on how many times you stop to enjoy the sites along the way. It is Maui's only coastel rainforest jungle accessible by car. 63% of the population is native Hawaiins. Along the way we saw one of the best waterfalls we have come across in our travels. Went through a stretch of bamboo trees that sway back and fourth with the wind. Saw whales breaching right off the shoreline, went to a black sand beach and walked through a lava cave to the ocean and saw many varieties of flowers we did not see on the big island. It was one majestic drive and one we won't soon forget.

The weather has been rainy here so we are camped out in Oheo just inside the national park under a huge tree for cover just in case. The waves are crashing, the crickets chirpin and the stars are shining. Once we get to a place that has a Starbucks with free wifi we have some awesome pics to post. Hang loose my friends, love you all. Dawn and Jason PS. If there are spelling mistakes it is the Kindle,great for 3G coverage but bad for missing letters so our apologies.

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