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Do you ever sit quietly and “daydream”? On a day like today, I find myself sitting in my recliner, the nice breeze blowing in the open window beside me, my eyes close as if they had a will of their own, and my thoughts turn to past events, places, people, and days which felt just like this one.

It is funny how music and a particular song can trigger memories like that. Once in a while the weather also brings back a memory for me. It is the feeling it gives you, I think.

I remember walking to school on a day like this in the month of September, when I was a young man.

Back in northeast Missouri we didn’t have days like this in February! LOL

It is 79 degrees with sunshine and a pretty brisk breeze blowing across the Rio Grande Valley today. The high is supposed to reach in the middle 80’s. Awesome for February!

It was days like this when I used to struggle just to stay awake in study hall. That song entitled “Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer”, or something like that come to mind.

Well, back to reality! I drove Marilyn to her weigh-in this morning. She continues to amaze me as she lost another .8 lbs.

She has now lost between 19 and 20 pounds total. Good for her!

After the weighing event, we drove to the post office in Progreso to mail a package to Jennifer, and then drove to “Jose’s Cafecita” in Weslaco, where we ordered “Huevos Rancheros” for breakfast.

After this delicious meal we drove back to the resort and then took a walk to the library. Each of us selected two books and then walked back home.

The temp rose to 94 degrees today, so we sat outdoors, in the shade, staying cool with the nice breeze and some ice water.

I finally went back inside and turned the A/C on. It wasn’t long before Marilyn joined me and we spent the rest of the afternoon in the cool comfort of the air conditioning.

I drove over to Ted & Sue’s place to pick up our “cold stuff” they were keeping in their fridge for us, and they invited us for Happy Hour.

Marilyn went back with me at 4:00 to spend some quality time with these good friends.

They sent some good stuff home with us. The Greek potato salad is quite good. I added some Greek salad dressing to it and liked it a lot.

Tonight is American Idol night for us.

Remember…………..Life is Good!

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