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Since last week's day trip ended up so well, I decided to do it again this weekend! The destination this time was Cordes de Ciel, a little medival village set way up on a hill, so it is frequently in the clouds. Thus it's name. The weather prediction was not great, but four of us intrepid adventurers set out early Saturday morning.

First difference: we didn't have my friend Jen, who is crazy good with directions, with us. Also, out of the four of us, Sasha, Clara, Clara's friend Clara (yeah, they are roommates at home and they say it confuses everyone) and myself, only one is gifted with an even average sense of direction. Luckily, no one minds asking questions. Asking questions made our time a leetle tight, but all was well. We had to listen carefully because, like last week, our destination was not the terminus of our train. Not only was it not the terminus...there was nothing there. We literally got out of the train and started laughing because there was NOTHING there. A bunch of fluffy cats, a post office (closed, naturally) and woods. Clara and Clara are from West Virginia, so they felt right at home :) We couldn't buy our return tickets until the train had left (there was one woman working and the french do not like the thought of multi-tasking :) ) but, that was done. While we had been buying tickets, Sasha found the taxi (read, guy with a car) so he drove us the 5 km from Cordes (train stop) to Cordes de Ciel. Apparently you can walk, but 5km is a bit much both ways.

Luckily, when we got there Cordes de Ciel was adorable! There was the required french market where I bought a green potato pancake (I think it had spinach in it, there was nothing wrong with the potatoes :) ) and we had a lovely walk up and around the town. Never mind the doubters, the weather was lovely! Sunny and perfect except in the shadows where the stone buildings drop the temp like five degrees. Our favorite find of the day was a Buddist/Daoist museum that we just wandered into and around, it was a great random little thing you never know you are going to do until you do it!

Lunch was the next exciting story when EVERYTHING closed down. Like, not even boulangeries (bread store) were open! Luckily, the boulanger was still there and still sold us bread. So we sat down to our feast of bread and cheese and random things we had bought from the market, and before we knew it, it was time to head back to the train station! I think there is a lot of history in Cordes de Ciel, it is after all a mideval town, but we didn't know any of it so we just wandered around like, cool, old buildings. It was quite fun, but I'm not sure I can promise it was educational. Still I really like Sasha, Clara and Clara, so that made the trip worth it :) Plus, we totally won because five minutes into our train ride back to Toulouse it started to rain. Haha, beat it! It was a great day :)

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