france and italy 2010 travel blog

Our disaster continued unbeknown when we arrived in france.despite living in England my whole life and being well travelled from the many a family holiday we took to Thailand, new Zealand or one of the more remote Caribbean islands,I have never been to france before and was in excited jovial spirits when our Norfolk line ferry arrived in dunkerque this Tuesday night in june. I should have known something would go wrong just by the horizonal rain and driving wind of a French summer storm we were met by. We had taken a mooch into the fine city of lille but it was getting late so we needed to head out of town and see if you could find a lay-by off the main road to set up camp and bed down for the night. Eventually we found a service station just off the motorway between lille and valenciennes,near the Belgian border. The rain had let up to reveal a starry night as we bedded down,in high spirits of what the next day had in store for us….

3:00 am-wake up and burp.hmmm was it that chicken pasty I ate on the ferry?I don’t feel so good,think I might head outside and get some fresh air.get out of tent and don’t feel any better, it must have definitely been the pasty,I can taste it in my burps,feeling pretty nauseous now, will I feel better if I lay down on the grass?no, getting too much now, I think it wants out!

I squatted near a manhole cover and vomited my overpriced pasty along with everything else id consumed within the last 6 hours. I think I made quite a bit of noise as my friend matt came to see if I was ok. “im fine mate don’t worry” I got out between retches and groans “go back to sleep”. Eventually I stumbled back into the van and started wondering what I had got myself into.”why did I have to eat that expensive pasty?why did I have to come to france?why didn’t i just stay in my lovely warm bed back in hull?”as these questions circulated my mind, eventually tiredness overcame and I fell asleep.

Luckily the next day dawned better prospects. I could feel the warm sun penetrating the windscreen as morning broke.I felt much better but so mucky, and so thirsty! As I bought a bottle of mineral water, the lady behind the counter gave me a funny look, then I remembered the mess I made behind her shop the previous night. We hastily put the tent away then hit the road, hoping she didn’t know it was me. The summer sun was upon as we headed southbound…

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