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Petes 30th birthday was on the 12th so we celebrated by having a slap up breakfast in our villa, followed by swimming and a walk to the beach. We were shocked to see the beach was dirty and very unimpressive, not a patch on Thailand. The weather was incredibley humid and a ten minute walk felt like an hour as we were so hot.

We walked along the beach front looking for the perfect place for lunch and past a vast array of restaurants and posh resorts. We stumpled across a lovely boutique resort and had lunch in their restaurant. We had a view of the pool and the staff were extremely attentive. For a shocking fiver a dish we endulged in steak, baked salmon and treated ourselves to a cocktail each. Feeling very stuffed we had a slow walk back through the heat to our villa, dived into our pool and enjoyed relaxing around the resort in the gardens. In the evening we played cards, drank beer and had a mini party in our pad.

The next couple of days were very similar. To be honest this area of Bali isn't very impressive. We would like to explore more of the island but the road traffic is so terrible we would never get anywhere. Plus public transport isn't reliable. Due to this we opted just to enjoy our surroundings in the resort. Its amazing how entertained you can be doing nothing. We had to move out of our villa on the 14th but bagged another one even bigger and more luxurious for not much more money.

Our final day arrived in Bali and we took a taxi over to the east of the island to a place called Sanur. When we arrived we went down to the beach which was just as bad as the west coast. The best thing about Bali is the reasonable luxury accomodation and restaurants, the sunshine and the abundance of cool bars and clubs. The island itself is quite haggard and disfuncational, although I have only seen a small portion of it. Like most places over tourism has ruined the natural beauty.

We said our goodbyes to Alfie, Pete and Asia and took a taxi to the airport ready to fly over to Australia.

We have had the most incredible time in Asia. Each country has offered something different and has been rich in culture. The people have been friendly and welcoming and the food has been tantalising heaven. I certainly need to book a lot of kitchen time once I get one of my own. We have seen the most incredible sights, made great friends and had one crazy ride. I'd like to thank everyone who has followed us on our journey. I have so enjoyed writing this blog but it's time for it to come to an end {unless you want to read about me job hunting and food shopping}. We are going to Melbourne now to experience living and working in Australia so the adventure will now cease for a while.

I can say I wasn't a fan of the Asian cities, with the exception of Hong Kong which I love and is probably the greatest city I've ever visited. My greatest experiences were trekking in Nepal {dispite the sickness} and jungle trekking in Indonesia {despite the leeches}. I probably could have done with not visiting Cambodia and Malaysia, although I would probably have always wondered about them if I hadn't.

Thanks again and goodbye for now....

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