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These posts are going to have to be in hind-sight for a bit as I get caught up with them

Reader's Digest version may help, but that's just no

We made it out of Charlotte and after many hours of flying including a lay-over in Newark, touched down in Tel Aviv, Israel. I cannot express in words how that hit my heart. It was almost unreal.

Customs was a breeze for all expect one of us. He was the one with the beard. Must have looked "suspicious" though how anyone could think that of our David I can't imagine.

We all finally made it through (including David) and got onto our bus. Our tour guides name is Michah (pronounced "Mee kah"). The first time I saw him I thought is was one of my Uncles. He is so close in resemblance to them it's a bit strange.

We arrived @ 6 pm so by the time we got on the road it was already getting dark. This meant that we didn't see too much of the desert along the way to the Salt Sea (Dead Sea) until morning. We did see some Bedowin camps along the way though. These are people who have chosen to live much like they have lived for centuries. Still in tents, with camels and no running water. Not sure I understand that, but glad that I don't have to make that choice.

Got into the Hotel The Meridian David pretty late and really all we could think of was "Lord please help me fall asleep and sleep well all night".... That happened in part, but not in whole, so today I was working on about 4 hours of sleep. Good thing I work in the birth biz and know how to function with only a few hours of sleep.

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