Patti & Turkey's North American 110 Trip travel blog

Gavin on his first Zip Line

Crystal on her first zip line

Shane on his first zip line

Bill braking on the zip line LOL

Turkey zip lining

Gavin zip lining

Shane zip lining

Crystal zip lining

Patti Zip lining

Bill zip lining, and still braking....LOL

Crystal, Gavin, Shane, Bill, Turkey and I all got up early to catch the jeep ride through the outback, for a Ziplining adventure. It was a first time for Crystal and Gavin, and I’m pretty certain they enjoyed it.

More young students arrived each day, and by mid afternoon we were outnumbered by about 1,000 loud and obnoxious young people. They partied all night long! I can’t remember having that kind of stamina …..LOL

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