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I love walking in the desert behind our campground!

This Phainopepla (a common bird in this area) kept following me on...

A yummy lunch!

Our lunch bunch.... Rosanna, Carol, Odel, Laurie, Doug, JoAnn

Late this morning drove to the north central side of Tuscon to have lunch at Vivace, a wonderful Italian restaurant with Laurie and Odel. They had invited Rosanna and Carolyn (of Paws and Hooves Ranch) to lunch and they did not know we were coming. As it turned out, we followed Rosanna into the parking lot and while Doug was parking they headed to the restaurant. Doug saw them in the rear view mirror and lowered the back seat window for Fillmore to stick his head out. As they went by Rosanna had a funny expression on her face as if trying to figure out what was happening. Suddenly she screamed out, Fillmore, and ran up to the truck. Fillmore instantly recognized her and gave both of them a happy poodle greeting. Laurie and Odel's Blog

The restaurant is an up scale place that had linen table cloths and linen napkins; something we don't often see. The meal was scrumptious and is well recommended. Our only regret was that we weren't going to be able to spend much more time with the wonderful people. Laurie and Odel are headed back in the direction of California and Rosanna is working four days a week plus tending her critters and Paws and Hooves. For new readers, Paws and Hooves is her ranch where she cares of a myriad collection of rescued animals, including birds, cats, dogs, horses, goats, sheep, ponies, and at least one snake.

On Wednesday we have decided to take a scenic drive down to Sierra Vista to pick up a tail gate for the truck. We will probably linger there for a look around.

It won't be long that all our snow bird friends scatter around the country. We have really enjoyed our time in the Southwest re-acquainting ourselves with RV friends.

We have gotten some static for not posting a picture of freshly groomed Fillmore. That is not as easy as it sounds. He does not like to have is picture taken and is very good at not smiling for the camera. JoAnn took several this afternoon but none good enough to post. We will keep trying for Fillmore fans everywhere.


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