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Hello to all my Family and Friends;

This is a special update to our travel log.

As some of you all know Chris and I are experiencing some mandatory down time as of about a month ago. Here is the reason, if you haven't already heard:

When Chris and I returned back in Nov from our stay at SAM Excursion Train in Cordele, Georgia, I experienced some coughing and swelling of the lymph nodes in my neck area that I just could not explain or justify.

I started seeing my regular family doctor and he was not at all happy with with what he found. As a result of a CT scan that revealed some nodes that were swollen in other areas he referred me to a specialist.

After a few more CT scans and blood tests, including a lymph node and Bone Marrow biopsy, the diagnosis came back as Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. My doctor recommended I take chemo-therapy as soon as possible.

The Chemo consist of 6 (one day) treatments, 3 weeks a part. So, you can see that is about 4 months time that I will have to really watch what I do and stay away from sick folks. Infection is a big concern for me during these 3 week cycles.

This coming Thursday, Feb 24th, I will take my 2nd treatment. So, far I have remained strong and in good spirits. The Doctor is very confident this type of lymphoma is very treatable and I should be able to live out a normal life however this type of cancer has a habit of showing back up and then you have to beat it down again over your lifetime.

So, Chris, Toby and I will be back in the saddle again hopefully around the middle of May. that will be just in time for the good camping weather. In the meantime, we will be hanging out close to home.

Please feel free to come by for a visit while we are taking a short halt in our travels. Please continue to pray for us. Your prayers are so important to me. I firmly believe that God is in control of all things. I also know that he listens to his children when they pray. God has a purpose and a reason for all of this. My prayer is that HE is glorified and honored in this stage of our lives regardless of the outcome.

Now, all of you go out there and enjoy the upcoming Spring weather. If you are on Facebook...please post your camping and travel adventures on there so we can see them.

(Check out the photos I have attached here)

In dad's memory......the ADVENTURE continues........

Later Alligators,

Archie, Chris and Toby the traveling pup

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