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More than eight hours of sleep was not only improbable in our pre-retirement life, it was an impossible event. It never happened!

Lately, it has become commonplace.

Do any of you dear retired readers find yourselves sleeping more than eight hours in one night?

I can remember when even four or five hours was considered a good night of sleep.

What in the world has any of that to do with the RV lifestyle?

Well, I found myself pondering whether or not, just being retired leads to that wonderful ability to sleep for eight hours, or is it the RV life, along with retirement of course.

Let me know what you think.

After our morning coffee, I hopped into the shower and we made ready to head on over to Mexico for the day.

We left right at 9:00 AM with our neighbors, Ed & Pam, from across the street, riding with us.

Ed & Pam had not yet been across the border here at Progreso, so we looked forward to them joining us.

We hot-footed it south along the crowded sidewalks, to Rene’s Bakery.

The place was packed and the Mariachi music was playing loudly, making for a very festive atmosphere.

We grabbed some sweet pastries, while Marilyn found a small table for two against the wall. That was the only open table so we made it work by borrowing a couple of chairs from other tables.

We soon had cups of excellent coffee, steaming hot, sitting in front of us. We had to speak loudly to be heard above the music but we all had a good time, vowing to stop by on the way back home, to pick up some pastries for tomorrow.

We wandered along the street until we came to Dania’s Salon, where Pam wanted to get a manicure. Marilyn stayed with her while Ed and me strolled on down the street to look for any new movies they might have for sale.

I found a few and asked the guy to play them for us, making sure that it was a decent quality picture and that they were in English.

We walked back to the Salon and could see that the gals were nearly finished, so Ed and me stayed outdoors, sitting on a nice steel bench.

An American gentleman, obviously waiting for his wife, wandered up and began talking to us. When I asked him where he was from, he mentioned that it was near Shelbina, Missouri, and asked me if I had ever heard of it.

Well, it just so happens that our old home town of Monroe City, is just down the road from Shelbina, and it turned out that we know some of the same people.

John Lute is the name of that fine man, if I remember correctly, and he knows our good friend, Sherry, who now lives in San Antonio.

It sure is a small world.

We showed John’s wife where she could buy some movies and the guy selling the movies gave me an extra one for bringing him a customer, I guess.

Once in a while we have found a movie from over there is in Spanish or Russian or some other language. We take those back and they are graciously exchanged. Once I brought home what I thought was a western I had not seen, and it turned out to be a Russian war movie. It looked like it might be good, but I couldn't understand a word of it. LOL

Our next stop was “The Red Snapper” for lunch, margaritas, and more live music.

As we sat there, I looked up and saw Jim & Linda, friends of ours who spent two summers as neighbors in Colorado.

I jumped up to go give Linda a kiss and Jim a hug. Both of these good folks have infectious smiles and it is always good to see them.

We stopped by the bakery on our way back to the border but they were all sold out of the cinnamon rolls and other goodies we like so much. Oh well, it has been a good day anyway, and it is good to be back in our own little condo on wheels.

Later, as we sat relaxing, we saw a truck drive up and then two people on bikes rode up. They huddled in conversation and began measuring the width of the site, etc.

Come to find out, the site we are on has now been sold, so we will have a different address next year for sure.

Maybe we'll go back to 2028 or move north, across the street, or maybe to Arizona or Florida. Heck! I don't know! Time will tell!

Good TV to watch tonight.

Oh yes……………………………… Life is Good!

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