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Our little marvel, cranking out directions each and every second!

Saw this trucker and his message, we passed him twice, each time...

What did we do before Global Positioning Systems, or GPS? Barb and I first purchased our GPS in 2000. Today, we have three of those electronic road map marvels to work with, along with an application on our computer.

We can figure our trip down to the exact route and how much fuel we may use and the cost of said product. We can find a specific restaurant, campground, movie theater by setting up search parameters. We type in an address and within a few minutes, seconds really – presto – the route is laid out for you down to the time you will arrive, even in the correct time zone for your arrival. This “cute” piece of electronic gadgetry will even talk to you, if you let it. My favorite word is “re-calculating”, and my favorite phrase is, “make a U-turn at your earliest convenience.”

However, they are not without some issues, sometimes the cute gadget will lead you down a road you really don’t want to go on. One time we thought we would check out the route with the car, it seemed too good to be true, yup; a dirt road would have been in our future, not a good thing in an RV.

Last week our GPS quit working because of a fuse being blown. We had traveled the route home several times, should not be an issue or problem… wrong. Barb and have come to rely on the bossy electronic marvel, we were lost without it. We, well I, turned early, got confused and started down a road (not dirt) that was not where we wanted to go.

Eventually we were able to see the error of our route, did a U-turn and get back on track. But that episode of being lost got me to thinking… We rely on our GPS for directions, places to stop, eat and shop. Its company in our RV or car is almost part of the family. We rely on it guidance every trip we take.

Do we rely on reading the Bible (God’s GPS) every day; do we take to heart the directions He has laid out for us on our travel trip of life? When we stop our daily devotions, our study of His word is when we get “lost” in our daily grind, and I am not talking about a coffee shop.

So for Barb and me, we will rely on the human GPS to get us to our earthly destination and God’s GPS the Bible to get us to our eternal destination. After all, doesn’t GPS mean, God’s Plan of Salvation?

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