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14th Feb '11

Today we got up early.

Margret walked the girls to School with Ali.

I spent part of the morning reading Dean Koontz on my Kindle. I spend a lot of time reading. Great investment that kindle. Too bad it wasn't pink. (Ok if you haven't read Stephen King's novelette 'UR' you won't understand why pink!)

The three of us went for a late lunch at the Palm's Cafe at Stanwell park. I enjoyed prawns, and Margret had a toasted smoked sandwich, with the works! (special sauce, some kind of lettuce etc.) Ali enjoyed something with lamb.

Then Ali decided we should take a drive and see some of the homes with a view. The view was incredible. As was the prices of these places. Then again living on the coast most homes have some kind of great view anyhow!

At home, Margret and Ali went to fetch the girls. I read my Kindle.

On the way home from school they stopped at a neighbours house. I met them there. The neighbour had found a baby brown snake. About 60cms in length. They are the deadliest snake in the world. Fortunately it was dead when we saw it.

I got to wondering where the parents from this snake was. This was only next door, remember. Not to worry Mike says. (???)

Ali made a great supper again that night. (You ask why I look so fat in the pictures, now you know) Ali is a great cook. (Mike too, of course.) Good thing we do a lot of hiking, walking and swimming in the surf or I would be even bigger!

On the menu was, BBQ'd chicken, 'roo & couscous. And some fine Aussie red wine!

Mike and I watched some hockey highlights on the computer.

Margret was doing some craft things.

Then to bed.


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