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It was only a few minutes after 1:00 in the morning when I was awakened by the noise of birds squawking. Normally, it is totally quiet at night here, so sleeping with the windows open is a very pleasant activity.

Evidently a cat or some other nocturnal animal had discovered a bird’s nest, with babies in it, last night.

The noise continued for about half an hour, before all was quiet again.

Sometimes, nature seems cruel.

I went back to sleep and didn’t waken again until 6:30 AM.

We went outdoors to sip our coffee in the wonderful weather here in the valley.

We watched the sun rise as we relaxed in our lawn furniture, greeting the day with hot coffee and quiet conversation. The parrots entertained us with loud squawks as they flew by, nearly always in pairs. Some of them flew near enough for us to see the brilliant colors of green, red and yellow.

Jan waved at us and we asked her to come over. I quickly set up a lawn chair for Jan and we had a nice visit.

Once the coffee was finished we went inside for a bite of breakfast.

Then it was time to change our clothing and get into shorts and sneakers for a walk on the levee.

Marilyn & I walked a bit over 3 miles, going all the way over to Hwy 1015. We stopped to visit with Owen & Jay on the way back to our own RV. They have planned a horseback ride on the beach tomorrow.

We have plans for the next three days. Padre Island tomorrow, McAllen on Friday, and History of South Texas Museum on Saturday. We also plan to return to Mexico again next week.

I managed to sneak in a nap during the afternoon and it sure was nice. So comfortable, with a wonderful breeze coming in the open window beside me.

Ponch & Pat stopped by to check out the chairs we purchased from the Amish in Shipshewana, Indiana. I think they will get a couple like the ones we have. They are very comfortable.

Marilyn & I sat outdoors for a bit but came in to get dinner started. Tilapia is the main item on the menu tonight.

Of course, the big event for us tonight is the premier of “Survivor”.

We’ll be happy to see “Amazing Race” begin anew also. I know that will happen soon.

So, that about wraps it up for us today. It has been another wonderful day with near perfect weather.

Life is Good!

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