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Toby slept much of Sat. It was quite a frightening experience for her. She had been fine for Sun., Mon. Then on Tues., we were making our rounds, AND SHE IS IN ANOTHER FENCE.

Not as bad this time, but we are going to have to figure something out. Belle thinks that maybe she is used to being tied, and not fenced.

I told Belle that by naming her Toby, she was asking for trouble.

There are 3 couples here now, and we all get along great. They boondock EVERYWHERE, and have not paid for camping all winter. That would be nice. You give up alot of amenities tho.

We have extended our stay, but are leaving on Thurs. There is some stuff on the computer that Belle wants me to teach her. And, I promised myself I would go horseback riding this time.

I woke up during the night, there was a cool desert breeze blowing in the window. The full moon was so bright you could see like daylight. I could hear the coyotes in the distance, as the two miniature horses that escaped galloped past our window. Awhile later, the rooster crowed over by Belle's house. It is 4:00 am, time to get up. Such is life a Belle Starr's ranch.

Thank you Belle for a wonderful life experience. As Sue said, you fullfill your dream every day you live. Giving souls a place to renew their existance. Bless you.

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